iDrive Auto Parts Warranty


LIMITED WARRANTY. All purchases, excluding sheet metal or body parts, from iDrive Auto Parts, Inc. come with a standard 6-Month part Warranty. No Labor Warranty. All parts must be installed within 14 days of delivery or pick up in accordance with procedures set forth within this document. All warranty claims must be validated with original receipts of purchase. At iDrive Auto Parts’ discretion we will repair, replace, or refund any defective part to the original purchaser, providing all warranty guidelines & procedures have been followed. A restocking fee of 30% of the original sales price on returned or exchanged part. All approved refunds will be paid by check, except Credit Card purchases. Check refunds will be paid within 10 business days. All LTL freight, UPS, Fed-X and USPS freight charges are non-refundable. See website for Invoice Terms which are incorporated herein.

Exclusions: 1. Parts installed in vehicles for off road use, or street legal vehicles modified beyond factory specifications are not covered by this warranty. 2. Parts installed in commercial or fleet vehicles or marine use are not covered by this warranty. 3. Incidental or consequential damages including but not limited to the cost of related parts, loss of income, travel expenses, rental, towing, and diagnostics fees are not covered by this warranty. 4. This warranty will not cover damages or failure arising directly or indirectly due to improper installation or related vehicle issues, misuse, abuse, maintenance neglect, environmental conditions, or accidents.

General Limitations: 1. iDrive Auto Parts reserves the right to have the part inspected to ensure that all the provisions stated within the warranty have been met and to inspect the part prior to repair, replacement or refund. 2. Any repairs or removal of the part before iDrive Auto Parts or its contractor can inspect the part will void the warranty. 3. Warranty is valid to original purchaser only. Warranty is not transferable. Any part returned must be in same condition as when purchased. 4. This part may have accessories that are attached and must be removed or switched for proper installation. This is solely the responsibility of the installer as such accessories are not covered under this warranty.5. Warranties are applicable for ONE-TIME use, Products repaired or replaced under warranty for which a warranty claim has been paid by iDrive Auto Parts (regardless of the type of warranty claim made) shall thereafter only be warranted as a 90-day part repair or replacement LIMITED WARRANTY *** unless a new extended warranty is added (then purchased by the customer) to the repaired or replacement part. Offering a new extended warranty on repaired or replaced part is up to our discretion. 6.This warranty is void if any of the following occurs:

(A)Part is installed in an application not intended by the vehicle manufacturer. (B)Failure caused by towing a trailer unless your vehicle is rated by the manufacturer for towing. (C) Failures caused by non covered components, improper installation, abuse, misuse, racing, poor workmanship, improper or lack of maintenance. (D) Failure caused by or related to collisions, theft, vandalism or any act of God, (E) Warranty on all mechanical parts including but not limited to Engines and Transmissions is void unless installed by an ASE certified technician.

Engines: This warranty is limited to defects of the engine block, heads, valves, rockers, lifters, pistons, crank and cam shafts and other internal lubricated parts. All external parts left on engines are not covered under this warranty such as sensors, gas or diesel injectors, throttle body, timing belts, gaskets, seals, exhaust or intake manifolds, water pump, coil packs or any part not internally lubricated. Engine installations follow the procedures below. Replace the following parts: timing belt/chain, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs, fluids, oil pan gasket, oil and oil filter. Check radiator for proper flow and replace if necessary. Warranty is contingent upon oil and filter change (per manufacturer’s specifications as to type) at installation and every 3,000 miles thereafter. Customer must provide proof of service or warranty is voided. Overheating and/or improper installation voids all warranties. Engine warranty is contingent upon installation of new intake manifold gaskets.

Transmissions: Replace the following with new parts: front pump and output shaft seals, pan gaskets and filter. Flush or replace transmission cooler and lines. Adjust shifter and kickdown cables and linkage if applicable. Clear all computer fault codes. Manual transmissions follow the same procedure as above if applicable. All the above installation should be in accordance with manufacturer guidelines including proper quantity and fill levels of fluids and any technical service bulletins and updates. Warranty covers slippage, shifting failures and/or bearing noise. Shearing or breaking of teeth in a standard transmission is not warranted under any circumstances. On automatic transmissions with overdrive, warranty is void if transmission is not adjusted by an ASE certified technician prior to driving. Improper installation voids all warranties. Customer must provide proof of service or warranty is voided.

LABOR WARRANTY: Labor warranty (when purchased) covers labor charges one time for removal and replacement of major part purchased based on Mitchell Labor Guide at a maximum rate of $80 per hour for ASE certified mechanic and does not include core, warranty, freight or other charges. Labor Warranty is limited to a total maximum payout amount of $1500 on Engines, $1000 on transmissions, $500 on Axle Assemblies, Carriers and Transfer Cases.

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